Sunday, January 31, 2010

Time to think about your lawn care

It's almost time for you to decide who you want to do your lawn maintenance this year. It's never too early to get things set up so you can go about doing the things you love once the good weather arrives. When choosing a lawn care company, cheapest doesn't always equate to the best job on your property. Some companies will offer a discount for early sign ups such as a 10% discount on services. It's popular to also get a senior discount of 10% off as well. Seniors that sign up early can get 20% off the total price. Some companies will charge extra for additional things like edging, weed whacking etc. So you should know exactly what you need done and get estimates for that work. We include trimming of the sidewalk and driveway edges with each property estimate. You will find that the larger businesses will charge you a higher price becuase they already have alot of business and can get away with the higher charge. So when your looking to have your lawn taken care of this year, look for personality as well as commitment. You will find our services to be both professional and affordable. For more information, see our website at: