Sunday, December 19, 2010

Happy Holidays!

As Christmas and the New Years Holiday fast approach, it is a time for all to remember family and friends. The holidays serve as a foundation for family to get together where meals and gifts are shared. Society has made Christmas a commercial holiday, but in many minds, as that Christmas song reminds us, "it is the most wonderful time of the year." In my area we are assured of a white Christmas thanks to the cold temperatures and lake effect snow that has hit us with regularity. Shoppers are in panic mode this week as they try to finish the shopping they need to do before Santa's trip around the world. Some never even start shopping until the day before and wander through the stores to get that one special gift for a loved one. It seems like store decorations have been up since Halloween, they did not get an early start now did they? Reports suggest that this holiday season spending has seen a 3% increase. Perhaps that is a sign of an improved economy. I look forward to Christmas morning, when all the children are snuggled up in their beds, waiting for old saint Nick to bring his gifts. Stockings are hung by the chimney with care, waiting to be filled with things other than coal. Most kids feel they are good all year and anxiously await the morning with Cheer. In our house, it is customary to hide the stockings and wait as the children look through the house for their stocking. The gifts under the tree must wait until all the stockings are found. My camera is set ready to take pictures of the smiles that morning and give thanks for what I truly have. A wonderful family is all that anyone can hope for, but best of all are the friends that are dear. Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New year!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The weary days of winter

Now that winter has taken hold of our region of Western New York, it was a refreshing break in the lake effect snow that seemed to settle down into the southern tier regions of our area. Some spots around me received 40" of the white stuff last week and are still in the process of getting rid of all that snow. Dump trucks and pay loaders by the dozens are hard at work to move snow out of every ones way. Thankfully my town was one of the lesser hit towns with just about a foot of snow. Never fear though, in my area if you wait just a minute the weather will change. Can't wait for lake Erie to freeze over, that shuts off our lake effect snow machine. Now that the off season has arrived for our business, we look at other ways to market ourselves to potential new customers. We spend time making campaigns for the upcoming new year. I will keep you all updated on upcoming industry items that we will be focusing on this year. Specials that we may be running etc.. If anyone has any items they need information about in the way of lawn care or landscaping questions feel free to drop us comment below. Check out our website for all our information at:

Till next time

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Just Gotta Love Lake Effect Snow

Apparently mother nature must not have a sense of humor, while there are several motorist still stuck on the thruway from the snow storm, many have been stuck since the middle of the night around 2:00am and its now about 2PM, that's a solid 24 hours stuck. Ouch, that's a long time to go with no lavatory, food or beverages. Hopefully no one is freezing in their cars. No relief until later tonight they are saying. My prayers are with all of those stranded. Along with the multiple driving bans and state of emergencies currently in place, it's gonna be a bit of a dig out for many in the squall areas of western New York. The band of snow is going to shift to the southern tier later but the damage is already done. Many communities are reporting in excess of two feet of snow so far. To make matters worse, they expect more next week. Welcome to western new york... Looks like my general area will have it's white Christmas after all.

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