Thursday, December 9, 2010

The weary days of winter

Now that winter has taken hold of our region of Western New York, it was a refreshing break in the lake effect snow that seemed to settle down into the southern tier regions of our area. Some spots around me received 40" of the white stuff last week and are still in the process of getting rid of all that snow. Dump trucks and pay loaders by the dozens are hard at work to move snow out of every ones way. Thankfully my town was one of the lesser hit towns with just about a foot of snow. Never fear though, in my area if you wait just a minute the weather will change. Can't wait for lake Erie to freeze over, that shuts off our lake effect snow machine. Now that the off season has arrived for our business, we look at other ways to market ourselves to potential new customers. We spend time making campaigns for the upcoming new year. I will keep you all updated on upcoming industry items that we will be focusing on this year. Specials that we may be running etc.. If anyone has any items they need information about in the way of lawn care or landscaping questions feel free to drop us comment below. Check out our website for all our information at:

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