Saturday, March 19, 2011

The snow is gone, Time to focus on your yard!

With the warmth that we have had recently, the snow has melted away and we can now see what Old Man Winter has done to our yards. The old leaves in your flower beds and gardens, the mulch looks old and dreary. That's where we come in. This time of year is when we do most of our mulch work and spring cleanups. We will weed your flower beds, grade the existing mulch layer, then add a new layer of mulch to refresh the look of your landscape beds. It is not recommended to remove the old mulch. As the old mulch decomposes, it provides nutrients that help your foliage grow and acts as a fertilizer for them. We also do bush & flower planting. We are taking calls for FREE ESTIMATES for these services. Also lawn maintenance calls as well. Our schedule will fill up fast so call us early to get on the list. 649-0457. Aldo see our website at for more information on all of our services that we provide.

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